About VCAP Nepal

Volunteers for Community Aid Program (VCAP), Nepal is a non-profitable, non-governmental community development oriented Volunteer Organization in Nepal, which has been mobilizing volunteers in Nepal into various community aid projects in Nepal, offering meaningful Volunteering, Internships, Gap Year Adventure Travel programs since 2009. With it’s dynamic team of Management & the support from our volunteers and well-wishers around the world, VCAP Nepal is growing continuously & running all of it’s programs successfully. VCAP Nepal is officially registered NGO in Nepal, operating it’s programs under the supervision of Nepal government.

Our Mission through VCAP Nepal; is to provide volunteer opportunities in Nepal with customized volunteer programs, so that will enable volunteers to make a real difference to the people of Nepal through their valuable contribution. Our volunteer work in Nepal is purely dedicated for uplifting the life status of rural marginalized & deprived communities in Nepal. Our volunteer and internship in Nepal program includes, orphanage projects, teaching in Schools, primary health care services, community works, NGO works and many more meaningful opportunities in Nepal.

Our Mission

VCAP Nepal's mission is to empower marginalized communities and to eliminating the causes and symptoms of poverty, and hence to uplift rural communities through the implementation of ideas, funds and volunteers initiatives.

Our Vision

VCAP Nepal envisions a society in which wide ranges of opportunities exist, and each community member is guaranteed equal chances in terms of accessing to those opportunities & gaining the benefits from the opportunities.


VCAP Nepal is community development oriented responsible Volunteer Organization in Nepal. Its specific objectives include the following: In order to fulfill all of our objectives mentioned above, the support and help of Volunteers, Partners, and local people is always welcomed & required for VCAP Nepal.

Why to Choose VCAP Nepal?

VCAP Nepal is always dedicated to promote the most affordable, safe and meaningful Volunteering, Internships & exciting Gap Year travel programs in Nepal for the betterment of local communities in need and to enrich the lives of travelers around the globe. Its unique and innovative ways of working makes it a highly competitive and popular travel & volunteer placement agency in Nepal, providing a truly satisfying and fulfilling experience for all travelers.

Short term and Long term Program opportunities in Nepal.

VCAP Nepal normally offers short term programs of 2 weeks to long term programs of 12 weeks! But we can customize all of our programs as per your own requirements on your request. Also, VCAP Nepal provides you flexible program dates, so you can pick your program start date by yourself! All our programs are designed carefully to meet all you needs and desire, please contact us for more details!

Safe, Reliable and Memorable Nepal Travel Experience!

VCAP Nepal is always committed in terms of your safety concern, which is always our top priority! So VCAP Nepal invites and welcomes you to join our programs in Nepal for safe, reliable and memorable Nepal travel experience; enjoying its beautiful nature, fascinating culture and wonderful adventure!