Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage to work with Children

Volunteer in Nepal Orphanage & help empowering the Orphans and Needy Children in Nepal through our Orphanage & Child care aid volunteering program. This Program is an enriching and life changing experience for our volunteers as well as for the children too! Through the Volunteer work with Children at Local Orphanages in Nepal, you will have a chance to help children & make a real difference to Orphaned Children in Nepal by Volunteering in Nepal. In this program volunteers will be placed in an orphanage.

We invite you to be a part of very rewarding and challenging work to experience once! By joining this very meaningful volunteering Project in Nepal, you can help children learn to read, make a difference for a child whose family is in crisis or simply take the time to connect with a child whose life experience is far more different from your own! Most of the orphanages in Nepal are poor resourced, under staffed, and are struggling to run their programs. Thus, what you will be doing will vary in each Orphanages!

As a Volunteer in this program, you will get involved in any of the following activities; Quick Program Information If you like volunteering in Nepal Orphanage & assist Projects in Nepal working for uplifting the conditions of underprivileged children groups & Orphans in Nepal, then this can be the right volunteering program for you!