Volunteer in Nepal Schools for Teaching

The Ultimate goal of this program is to assist schools for their quality teaching by supplying volunteers, conducting various school supporting aid programs, in order to enhance their teaching methodology. This will be a great opportunity for Nepali children to improve their conversational English language and writing skills with various other extra-curricular activities. On the other hand, it will give a chance for volunteers to make a real difference by helping Nepalese children in educating them!

Volunteers enrolling in this program are also expected to share their own teaching methodologies as well as helping the school teachers to develop their conversational English skills. Volunteers can teach English in community schools, Orphanages, youth groups and women's group and also teach those children who are unable to go to school. Volunteers will primarily work as English instructors either in public and private schools of Nepal. Depending upon the need of School, volunteers may be asked to assist in other school extracurricular activities like sports, music, arts etc.

As a Volunteer in this program, you will get involved in any of the following activities; Quick Program Information If you like volunteer in Nepal Schools for Teaching English in Nepal or any other Subjects of your interest & love working with children and adolescents and inspiring them to grow into confident, responsible and educated citizens, then this can be the right volunteering program for you!