NGO Management & Research Internship Program in Nepal

VCAP Nepal offers the NGO Management & Research Internship program in Nepal, for those who are seeking the chance to gain an international work experience in NGO sectors and make a real difference to the communities at the same time. We invite you to part take part in our NGO management internship program set in the beautiful country of Nepal. This opportunity is open to students and recent graduates of any major as long as willing to help, is adaptable, passionate and flexible.

VCAP Nepal’s NGO Internships gives you the opportunity to further your knowledge of local NGO's and their work, where you will have a chance to learn more about the challenges and successes of NGO management. Also, this program will allow interns to fill a valuable role for these organizations in a variety of functions, such as fundraising, raising awareness for service projects and direct community engagement. Internship Placements are available to work in organizations basically focusing their projects in: community development, health, environment, education, human rights and many more to suit your particular area of interest.

As an intern in this program, you will get involved in any of the following activities, Quick Program Information If you like do Internship in NGO Management & Research Programs in Nepal and gain valuable professional experience working in NGOs in Nepal, then this can be the right internship program for you!