VCAP Nepal’s Volunteer Reviews

VCAP Nepal is very thankful to all of it’s past volunteers and well wishers; those who contributed their valuable times and efforts though participating in our Programs. Also, VCAP Nepal is always committed for providing a very safe and quality Volunteering / Internships & Gap Year Programs in Nepal. We understand very well that, before making any commitments to join VCAP, you may have some curiosity to learn & know something more about VCAP, from the one those who already have had the experience of working with VCAP previously!

So we are very hopeful on that, after reading some Testimonies below from our past Volunteers; it will surely help you to give the Trust and Inspiration to join VCAP as a future Volunteer or an Intern!

"Best and most meaningful teaching/travelling experiences of my life..."

Sarah Seveney (USA)
Teaching & Education Aid Program

My name is Sarah, and I volunteered with VCAP Nepal for three months in the summer of 2011. I’ve been working as an ESL teacher in a variety of countries since 2007, and I can honestly say that spending the time in Nepal was one of the best and most meaningful teaching/travelling experiences of my life… I would encourage anyone to seriously consider volunteering in Nepal with VCAP…you’ll have a genuine, meaningful experience! Are you interested to read more about Sarah’s experiences in Nepal & see the Photos of her Volunteer work in Nepal? If yes, then Click to Read more

"I was able to experience life as a Nepali citizen..."

Scott Traina (USA)
Micro Projects & Micro Finance Program

I recommend VCAP Nepal for volunteers who want to help the local community while experiencing Nepal’s culture at a very intimate level… By taking the proverbial “walk in their shoes” I was able to experience life as a Nepali citizen and feel the various joys and tribulations that this status carries. I came to Nepal looking for an experience that was vastly different from my life in the US, and I received exactly that!

"My Nepali Experience – three months on the other side of the world..."

Holly Archibald (Scotland – UK)
Teaching & Education Aid Program

The family I’m staying with has been incredibly accommodating and helpful in everything I need … Gorgeous cooking by my host mother! My stay here has been very enjoyable and very rewarding. I’m so glad I decided to do this, and I know I’ll look back at the hundred (thousands?) of pictures I’ve taken and happily reminisce...

"My traveling in Nepal; has given me another view of life..."

Camilla Elisabeth Clasen (Denmark)
Health care & Medical Aid Program

My traveling in Nepal has been very good. It has given me another view of life and shown me the opportunity and limitations life has. VCAP Nepal gave me a very warm and good welcome in a different country i.e. in Nepal! Also, the important fact is that, VCAP Nepal gave me feelings of Good security and guidance relative to travels around Nepal. My volunteering program was good for me, because I saw many differences between a European hospital and a Nepali hospital...